Boost Your Impact with AMPO’s Annual Giving Program

  • Strategic Annual Giving: Redefine your fundraising with AMPO’s strategic approach, focusing on unrestricted funds to amplify your mission.
  • Engaging Fundraising Tools: Utilize a variety of tools to connect with donors:
    1. Impact Piece: Celebrate the previous year’s achievements and donor contributions, setting the stage for the year ahead.
    2. Spring Appeal: Craft a compelling narrative that highlights a need, offers a solution, and directly asks for support.
    3. Informative Newsletter: Keep your donors engaged with updates and insights, deepening their connection to your mission.
    4. Year-End Appeal: Leverage the season of generosity to bolster support, reminding donors of the difference they can make.
  • Enhance Your Mission: Save time and increase donations with our efficient annual giving strategies, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your impactful work.
  • Our Inform, Engage, Ask, and Steward cycle:👇 forms the backbone of a holistic approach to donor relations.

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