Your organization is as unique as the community and people it serves.

No one understands this better than you do. So, why would you use a planning solution that isn’t designed for your current needs? You  are too busy changing lives to settle for a basic planning solution. You need innovation, collaboration and execution… AMPO is that solution.

Strategy is the heart of your organization: your mission, your vision, and your values. It’s the reason you got into non-profit work in the first place: to make a difference.

Planning is the mind’s work: timelines, goals and deliverables. It’s the stuff that keeps the mission moving forward.

AMPO  brings the head and heart of your organization together to create a plan for the future that will get you where you want to go. There are many ways to approach this work,  but they all boil down to three things:

  • How are we doing?

  • Are we getting any better?

  • How do we know?

AMPO will lead your organization through a custom-designed, human-centered process that will help you answer those questions. The planning techniques, conversations and data you will use will be unique to your organization and its situation. You will get focused, efficient activity which leads to better outcomes for you and the people you serve.

Are you ready to go on a journey toward better results?

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